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Lauzon Essential Expert Hardwood

Lauzon Essential Expert hardwood will make you proud of your home

If you yearn for the nostalgic days of classic Americana, golden retrievers and white pickets fences, Lauzon’s Essential Expert Hardwoods is about as classically American as it gets. Apart from painting your walls with stars and stripes while you drink Coors Light and listen to Phish jam, laying down Lauzon’s Essential Expert Hardwoods in your layout is as patriotic as could be. Like waking up to a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner each and every morning, Lauzon’s Essential Expert Hardwoods will make you proud that you and your hardwood floors were born and grew up big and strong in the U.S. of A.

Yes, you heard me right, fellow patriot, Lauzon’s Essential Expert Hardwoods are carefully and lovingly crafted from the best and the brawniest domestic trees they could get their hands on. So not only are your floors reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln’s little log cabin or the Little House on the Prairie, but by putting these placid pieces in your hacienda, you’re supporting American business with American hardwoods for your slice of the American dream. The Lauzon company is a good old fashioned family business, and as a family endeavour they grew their business the way they tend their forests: with lots of loving, tender care. They also took into consideration the importance of cost consciousness in helping American families grow and thrive, so they’ve chosen beautiful and affordable home grown hardwood planks from Chai Tea and Café au Lait-finished Maple hardwoods to Natural and Chocolate-finished Red Oak.

Although Americans love all the bits and bobs and whistles when it comes to pimping out our rides or our smartphone covers, when it comes to interior design, the classic is just about all anyone could need. That’s why Lauzon’s Essential Expert hardwood floors are synonymous with drop-dead gorgeous and affordable homegrown hardwoods. To make sure they keep all that patriotism right where you want it, the entire series is treated with the industry standard aluminium oxide finish. Like America, keeping the good in and the bad out.