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Lauzon Pure Genius Ambiance Collection

Lauzon Pure Genius Ambiance hardwood bring the forest indoors

For someone looking to get the perfect ambience in their home, the Lauzon’s Pure Genius Ambiance hardwood collection might be just the thing that will satisfy that craving. From lightly shaded as if though freshly cut wood tones to the darkly stained engineered planks are the colors you will get in the Ambiance collection. You can almost smell that pure, woody fresh cut aroma in this collection which is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Lauzon’s Pure Genius Ambiance collection patterns in square edged and herringbone styles which come in engineered and solid forms. The species used are Hard Maple, Red Oak, American Cherry, Beech Pacific, Hickory Natural and Yellow Birch while widths come in 3 ¼, 5 3/16 or 2 ¼.

There are so many choices to choose from in the Lauzon’s Pure Genius Ambiance collection that it will spin your head. Heady cognac reds are offered in the Hard Maple Exclusive Verona while a dark Italian espresso browns is presented in the Red Oak Illusion design. Beautiful blonde is what you will get with the Yellow Birch Heritage in Natural and a slice of tiramisu in the scrumptious shade offered in Hard Maple Taupe.

Some of the other designs available are Truffle, Antique Cherry, Macchiato, Carob, Riveira, Azteka, Sahara, Copper and Bronze. The Select & Better Naturals under the Hard Maple featuring various patterns are one of the freshest looking designs available under the Ambiance collection.

Perfect for smaller living areas and smaller homes, a setting where natural light is present will be better suited for this style. With this style, you can play around with different kinds of colors when it comes to fabrics and upholstery. A dark red fabric will be a match to the presence of light in these hardwood floors while a transparent, chiffon window or door treatments could still be complimentary to it.