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Lauzon Pure Genius Designer Antique

Lauzon Pure Genius Antique, a pleasant reminder

If you have been missing your late grandma a lot recently, Lauzon’s Pure Genius Antique might be balm to your wounded heart. Lauzon’s Pure Genius Antique collection of wood floors features wooden floors reminiscent of times gone by. These times gone by would be the times when you remember driving to your beloved grandma’s house on the hills in the dripping rain for a cup of good old home made chicken soup, grandma style. You remember walking into the foyer on the most exquisite looking hardwood flooring all the way from her grandma’s era.

Lauzon’s Pure Genius Antique hardwood flooring’s quality is not excellent but comes in some of the most gorgeous hues including Golden Amber, a color with a bright yet worn finish. The Palomino on the other hand is a worn dark brown shade that has a low gloss pearl finish that creates an authentic antique look. Others are Copper, Cherry and Cigarillo.

Lauzon has created an innovative sanding technique which is what was used to further enhance the classic appearance of these quality hardwood floors, and the handcrafted expression of these floors provides a silky, smooth feel. The species of wood which has been used to create these masterpieces are betula, red oak and beech. You can be assured that unlike grandma as frail as a human she is, these quality, durable floors will stand the test of time.

They exhibit a classic, antique beauty that will last for years to come and who knows your own grandchildren may see them. The antique look and feel of Lauzon’s Pure Genius Antique collection helps to create living spaces that is comforting and welcoming while showcasing timeless beauty. There are several finishes available, all created with care to embody the spirit of antique wooden floors of the past which will endow your home with unbeatable classic elegance.