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Lauzon Pure Genius Designer Elements

Lauzon Pure Genius Elements has vibrant colors and design

A sharp looking home will need sharp looking flooring like the Lauzon Pure Genius Elements hardwood flooring collection. The Elements collection brings a simple and subtle beauty to any home with choices in hard maple, red oak and white oak popular species. You can see that soft and neutral colors presented in this collection can achieve a sharp design style that is well suited for multiple décor schemes, which range from traditional to contemporary.

The hard maple used in the Lauzon Pure Genius Elements collection is taken from responsibly managed forests, which boasts an eco-­friendly process that is hard to find in this category. Whether you are a designer or a homeowner, now you can have the choice of meeting your 'green design' theme with the Elements collection while still achieving hardwood flooring aesthetics. This hardwood flooring collection has a rare combination of nature, beauty and durability which is of xceptional value.

Lucky for you, a total of 24 unique design options are at your disposal under the Elements. Choose from two species in three colors for each species and 3 1⁄4, 4 1⁄4 or 5 3/16 wide hardwood planks. The Maple Bianco is the lightest color available and touts an ethereal white tone that goes well in rooms with abundant natural light. Yes, install it in your living room with the big, picture window overlooking the mountains.

The Red Oak Onyx lies at the other end of the color spectrum in the meantime where the allure of dark black hues with hints of deep green have a stunning effect in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Create a contrast with white drapes and beige furniture fabrics to create an eye-popping movement that commands attention. The Lauzon Ammonite offers an exotic twist and is available in both Hard Maple and Red Oak. The neutral off­-white beige matches well with nearly any color scheme or room layout.