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Lauzon Pure Genius Designer Line Art

Lauzon Pure Genius Line Art let's you show your artistic side

A plan for a rich look for your home will be something achievable with Lauzon’s Pure Genius Line Art hardwood flooring which features maple in four monochromatic but richly detailed shades. The result effect is a mineral or stone like appearance perfect for any kind of living spaces. The collection presents engineered quality planks that are full of the warmth and charm that is synonymous with maple wood flooring.

Lauzon’s Pure Genius Line Art collection showcases a visually stunning 4 ¼ width planks allowing distinct grain patterns that is readily apparent. For instance, a small room with a wider hardwood floor and bright décor can open up a great looking style. You may also match a darker shade design from this collection with brownish décor tones makes the room cozier.

Even with an elegant finish, Lauzon’s Pure Genius Line Art is resistant to abrasion, moisture and shifting, which can plague a solid hardwood floor easily. You will find that the surface is silky to touch, transparent to look and durable to feel. Other benefits you can consider is the 3 ¾ thickness that deadens noise, such as creaks or buckling. You get beauty that is practical with noise control.

You will find exceptional hardness and subtle color accents in this maple cut planks. The Maple Agate design sees a chic, shade of grey are seen in linear pattern. This neutral color is ideal for rooms that often change décor or themes as time goes by, such as bedrooms and living rooms. This design makes it easy to contrasts with décor, fabrics and furniture.

We all know that bright colored drapes and wall paint have striking effects for more eclectic themes while vintage tables, chairs and décor create a more understated effect. For this kind of decoration, take a look at Maple Travertine. The Hard Maple Basalt brings luxurious tones of basalt to your living spaces and the Hard Maple Naccara sticks with a neutral tone.