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Lauzon Pure Genius Hardwood

For anyone that thought hardwood floors had gone out of style because they’re about as impractical as a handbag without zippers, may we introduce the hardwood of the future: Lauzon’s Pure Genius Smart Floors collection. Some people have been talking smack, saying hardwood floors are unsustainable. So the smart little nuggets at Lauzon put their heads together with the tall, flaxen-haired sun gods of Scandinavia – where they are miles ahead of the rest of the world in terms of development – and created sleek and sexy hardwood floors that actually clean the air around them. No this is not a joke. Welcome to the future, friends!

Don’t ignore the techy talk we’re about to spit at you, because you can use this info as a conversation starter at your next whine and cheese soiree. Talking about titanium will get you on guest lists you didn’t even know existed. Lauzon’s Pure Genius Smart Floors are all finished with a high-tech titanium compound that continuously break down airborne toxins. Like some kind of dark magic, these hardwood floors actively create a constant supply of pure air in the space they’re in. That means your floors could be cleaning for you while you’re at work or just taking your time getting your nails done before getting lots of coworkers their coffee.

Although most of us are doing much of our communicating via techno gadgets, every time you sit down with your Stitch n’ Bitch Club to complain about the latest season of How to Get Away With Murder, you too are guilty of sucking up the world’s supply of oxygen. To even out your global karma, Lauzon’s Pure Genius technology refers to the titanium finish they’ve created for six of their sexiest series: Ambiance, Designer International, Antique, Reserva, Line Art, and Elements. Plus, the longer the floors are laid out in your layout, the cleaner the air in your home will be – even with that filthy mouth of yours.