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Lea Ceramiche Storm Porcelain Tile

Lea Ceramiche Storm Porcelain Tile

A dark storm doesn’t necessarily mean gloomy times when it comes to Lea Ceramic’s Storm porcelain tile collection. To make things worse, they have even put together in the collection all the different kind of storms you could get in a weather so you have three incredible choices of storms to choose from.

Lea Ceramic’s have created a collection that showcases an emotional intensity of rare, natural stones in a mix of colours and designs that is not repeated. That means each storm you are going to install in your living spaces is going to be a unique one. The technical characteristics cannot be beaten as it is made to withstand the most horrible of chemical and physical stress. So, if you setting up a childcare center or a hospital, this is your natural choice.

Get Lea Ceramics Storm collection and make your contemporary or vintage style environment spectacular even with all the crazy ideas you have for furniture and architectural design. Three very stormy colours are available under the Lea Ceramics Storm collection and they are Icestorm, Tropicalstorm and Darkstorm.

Just imagine landslides and generous mud splashing when you think about Tropicalstorm. Of course you would like to have some greenery in there with these shade and equally environmentally friendly weaved kind of furniture. Hanging stuff like hammocks and ropes will do well too. Don’t forget a playland area for your pets. As for the Darkstorm, the darkness in these porcelain tiles are a good indication how different and brighter colors will show up against them. Either match with similar dark or ashen colors in furniture and fittings or go totally nuts with lots of whites, reds, even yellows and hey, those purple and maroons would not be bad as well. Lea Ceramic’s Storm’s physical features and aesthetic features are a sure winner in any case.