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LM Flooring Gevaldo


The LM Flooring Hardwood Gevaldo Collection draws from the old and the new, the traditional to the modern, and from the charming country to the sophisticated city. In drawing inspiration from the past and present world, the Gevaldo flooring collection of hand scraped hardwood was a product of the marriage between the two, and thus was born a diverse and balanced series of hardwood planks that are warm and inviting. And as solid wood flooring continues to go up in price, Ecomoso is down with wholesale pricing. But first: more about LM Hardwood Flooring in Gevaldo.

As it is in other situations, what captures the eye of the beholder is only the first step in falling love with this new collection. In considering the beauty as just one aspect of this collection, it is important to take note that Gevaldo is also innovative in solving the issues many solid ¾-inch thick hardwood floors go hand-in-hand with - as Gevaldo is built to handle the pressure that the environment puts on genuine hardwood floors. Thanks to newer processes and technology, the engineered hardwood of Gevaldo is able to cope with the change in season with less wear and minimal movement - meaning less floor gaps as well - and the finish is fortified by superior abrasion resistant qualities. The cross-ply construction method used in when putting Gevaldo together also makes it stronger, longer lasting and more durable. Of course, though, the visual aspects are just as important and the engine.

Each of the five colors available in the sturdy Gevaldo Collection is available in both 3-inch and 5-inch widths, with 48-inch random length planks. While mostly made into genuine oak flooring, the Gevaldo Collection also calls upon other species’ of trees to play a supporting role in this diversified series: Brazilian Cherry, American Walnut, Hickory, alongside the stars of the show - White Oak and Red Oak. The available colors in the Gevaldo collection are: LM Gevaldo Butterscotch, which is a warm and golden hue with orange-ish undertones and natural wood graining on Oak; LM Gevaldo Gunstock is a bright and golden shade as well, with more of a red undertone; and a deeply rich and bold espresso brown is made in LM Gevaldo Mocha. The other two colors in the collection are LM Natural White Oak and LM Gevaldo Natural Red Oak.

This collection is backed by a 25-year residential warranty and 5-year light commercial warranty, and can be installed with relative ease with staple, nail, glue or float methods. An attractive choice for interior designers, homeowners, architects, builders and contractors, the Gevaldo collection really does offer it all in one package - letting you know that you really can have everything.

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