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LSI Sparkly Chips

LSI Sparkly Chips

LSI Sparkly Chips vinyl flooring definitely puts the spark in “sparkly.” This vibrant vinyl collection is perfect for adding pizzazz to any environment, from the bedroom to the storefront. Each Sparkly Chips vinyl tile is infused not only with bright colorful style, but with that extra touch of magic that shimmers under the light. Six aptly named sparkling shades include Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and White. With this many options, it’s easy to dial in the perfect look. Best of all, Sparkly Chips look awesome when they're installed in alternating color patterns throughout a larger space. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or club, or just remodeling the kitchen in your toy factory, LSI Sparkly Chips vinyl is too cool to miss.

Vinyl flooring comes in large 24” x 24” squares for quick and easy installation. LSI’s new UV cured microscopic glass bead top coat ensures a sure footed slip resistant surface that is easy to clean in addition to being stain and scratch resistant. This will last for years brining vibrant color into any room! Sparkly Chips is sure to please the eye, and the pocketbook! Let’s face it, if you told me to create a tile that was named sparkly chips I would take poker chips and corn tortilla chips and potato chips, the chips on my shoulder and add glitter. This looks a whole lot nicer than my do-it-yourself recipe! This item usually ships in 2-7 days, so go ahead and order your brilliant new vinyl flooring today!