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LSI Stained Concrete

LSI Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is no longer a phenomena confined to old basements and parking garages. Oh, no. It’s one of the hottest trends in modern flooring design, and LSI Stained Concrete Vinyl flooring is right at the forefront of concrete-inspired coolness. Stained Concrete vinyl offers a sophisticated urban look, with understated colors and subtle variation that forms a classy contrast with additional design elements in a room. From the rustic earth tones of Georgian Brick and Coral Troya to the industrial chic of Pepper Sand, there is a Stained Concrete look to fit any decor environment. The urban look is totally in, and LSI Stained Concrete has definitely got it going on.

This look is perfect for cafés, modern lofts, or anywhere you want an industrial vibe. LSI Chai is an herbal play of olive greens and earthy tans. It goes beautifully with hard woods and leathers. The vibrant Coral Troya stained concrete vinyl flooring features burnt tangerines and rusty oranges for a saturated depth of color. It loves olive greens and unfinished leathers for a rough hewn beauty. Georgian Brick is a darker orange built from layers of burnt sienna and spice. It is regal when paired up with wraught iron and mahogany, or combine it with clear pine wood for a golden effect. Pepper Sand is your classic concrete gray with warm tones blended throughout. This neutral allows you to be versatile with your décor style! Large 24” x 24” vinyl sheets make for a quick installation. This product generally ships in 2-5 days depending on the manufacturer’s availability.