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LSI Tread Plate

LSI Tread Plate

It’s finally time to make that man cave a reality. LSI Tread Plate vinyl flooring is the one and only way to maximize machismo in any room. It’s sleek. It’s mean. It’s tougher than a thousand truck commercials played at full volume during an MMA championship fight in a barbed-wire cage. Yeah, dude it’s that cool. With a ton of colors from steely grey Armour and Gunmetal, to cool Copper or Canary, to bold Black and even cute purple Tulip, there’s sure to be a match for any man-theme. But hey, ladies love a little tread plate too. Imagine metallic Cedar Rose vinyl in the living room or kitchen. Toughness comes in a lot of shapes, sizes and colors. And LSI Tread Plate vinyl offers all of them. You’re not going to find a floor this cool anywhere else.

Rugged and attention getting, LSI Tread Plate comes in hearty 24” x 24” dimensions for quick installation with a no muss, no fuss glue. Built to wear for any job you have in mind, these durable pieces have a UV cured microscopic glass bead top coat that ensures slip resistant, scratch resistant performance. This innovative design also means that it is not prone to staining and cleans up with ease! So whether you are finishing your auto repair shop or opening up a piercing and tattoo parlor, the Tread Plate vinyl flooring from LSI is sure to be the perfect touch for making your vision a reality. This item generally ships in 2-7 days depending on manufacturer availability.