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LSI Natural Woods

LSI Natural Woods

So you love the look of hardwood floors, but hate the idea of reckless deforestation? LSI Natural Woods vinyl flooring is the answer. This luxurious vinyl collection offers all the rustic beauty and timeless charm of natural hardwood flooring, but with a modern high-performance vinyl construction. No trees are chopped, but all of the style is still there. Not to mention, LSI Natural Woods vinyl is a far more economical option as well. Each 6” x 36” vinyl plank features authentic grain patterns, rich coloration and light texturing just like actual wood. Colors like Cottage, Golden Oak and Dusty are fabulous for living areas and bedrooms. Or, try Praline in the kitchen. We bet you’ll be impressed.

Unlike natural wood flooring, you’ll never have to sand, seal or resurface vinyl. And, because of LSI’s new UV cured microscopic glass bead top surface, it is slip resistant and even more impenetrable to stains. Just wipe with an eco friendly product and you are done! Natural Woods vinyl flooring is hearty, scratch resistant, and not subject to warping due to seasonal humidity and temperature changes as wood floors can be. Even Woodsy the Owl would enjoy these vinyl floor coverings! Remember that beloved character that said “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!”? Well, because of the high content of recycled materials that go into these low emission vinyl floor tiles, LSI is a member of both the US and Canada Green Building Councils. In fact, you can earn LEED credits when you install LSI Natural Woods vinyl flooring in new construction projects and for use in commercial interiors!