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LSI Rusted Steel

LSI Rusted Steel

Suppose you’re thinking of remodeling the kitchen or living room. You’d like to find a “new” look. Well, nothing could be more “new” than rusty old metal! Straight from that pile behind the barn to your contemporary kitchen floor – LSI Rusted Steel vinyl flooring provides a marvelously metallic sense of character like no other floor can. The premium synthetic vinyl material is ultra-durable and easy to install, and the rusted metal look is totally unique and captivating. Rusted Steel Light is a perfect match for lighter oak cabinetry and furniture, and Rusted Steel Dark complements walnut or darker woods flawlessly. The Rusted Steel collection is a great choice for anyone who loves heavy metal, or who just wants make a steely style statement.

This is such a popular line that LSI has had to turn down celebrity endorsements right and left in order to preserve the integrity of their collection. We hear that Derrick Zoolander character wanted to add his signature modeling face “blue steel” to this line of vinyl, but LSI wisely opted for good taste. Also, LSI turned down Remmington Steel as the 80’s is a long time gone. There were too many overly-wrought actresses in Steel Magnolias so LSI turned down their offer to have the faces of Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Sally Field, Daryl Hannah and Olympia Dukakis printed up on huge sheets of vinyl. Also, their agents all wanted a cut and, while tempting, that was just asking too much. Both Rusted Steel Light and Rusted Steel Dark come in a large 24” x 36” dimension and ship in 2-5 days.