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LSI Shale

LSI Shale

The Shale collection from LSI Vinyl brings the riverbed to the living room. This sleek stone-inspired vinyl flooring line is a fabulous choice for use in the kitchen, dining room, foyer, living area and beyond. Unlike natural shale stone, this vinyl version will not erode over time, it won’t require gallons of gooey sealants, and it won’t crumble and cause you to slide down a mountainside to your doom. No doom is definitely good. Three distinct colors showcase the interplay between earthy shades. Legato is the lightest with subtle tans and greys. Nevada features deeper tones of charcoal and rust. Mist is a smoky blend of deep greys, bold blacks and rich rust tones. Overall, Shale is a great choice for use throughout the home.

Because there is no need to quarry and transport raw materials, the vinyl version of this attractive stone is very affordable. You could say it’s on “shale”! (Oh, dear…) Ahem… As we were saying this is a fresh look that will never go shtale. (Okay! We promise: no more puns.) Now you can bring a bit of the rugged beauty of the out doors inside, without trekking in tons of dirt and debris. Although, if you do bring in the odd pine forest on your shoes, rest assured, this vinyl flooring cleans with ease and is stain resistant. Perfect for high traffic areas, its UV cured microscopic glass bead top surface is scratch resistant as well. These handsome 12” x 24” pieces ship in 2-7 days.