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Marazzi American Estates Porcelain Tile

Wood Look Porcelain Tile by Marazzi American Estates Collection on Sale at Ecomoso Marazzi American Estates Wood Look Porcelain Tile is - in essence - a sort of patriotic tribute to our great country, and as to pay homage to you, we’re offering it at the lowest price of the year. You won't find a lower price on this revolutionary, sophisticated wood look tile anywhere - we promise you that.

What we love most about this absolutely dreamy, positively affordable wood look porcelain tile is the fact that its very creation is living proof that the American Dream is all around us, all the time. At Ecomoso, we tip our hats to Marazzi Tile, which has been based in the United States for its more than 30-year run as a top American maker of wood look tile flooring, along with many other types of flooring. Made in America is still a meaningful phrase to us, and beautiful flooring made in America is still one of our main focuses, and this collection embodies that statement.

What comes with the Marazzi American Estates wood grain tile series is not only a natural and slightly rustic wood-grain design on durable, quality porcelain tile - it also comes available in three beautiful and natural brunette shades on those sturdy tiles, which promise to enhance the authenticity of your ambiance, while simultaneously add longevity to any commercial or residential flooring project. In Marazzi American Estates Natural, the name says it all. This is the lightest of the three shades - although it would still be classified as a medium shade of brown - and its authentic wood grain look is unprecedented. American Estates Saddle is an organic reddish-brown hue with bold depth in its patterns and vibrant color variations that will also brighten a room like it's sister within the collection - A.E. Natural. The final color in this special series is called American Estates Spice- a deeply rich, yet simple and antiquated texture, and the perfect dark shade that adds sophistication to the appearance of the wood look flooring, especially when paired with white furniture, accents or walls; or accentuated with bold, bright colors that pop with a dark background.

With two sizes of wide plank wood look tiles - 9x36-inch tiles and 6x36-inch tiles - you can cover large amounts of space with the American Estates porcelain tile collection. And even better, the tiles are resistant to moisture, scratching and freezing. That means your floors won’t only be the most stylish and sophisticated they've ever been, they’ll also be the most durable and will look brand new for many years to come. When it comes to achieving the appearance of a natural wood grain look on porcelain tile, Marazzi uses special hand-scraping techniques, textural graining and revolutionary 3D printing technologies to bring to life the authentic look of big and chunky hardwood planks. Fair warning - you will have trouble with one thing when it comes to this collection, and that’s believing the flooring is not constructed with actual hardwood. No trees were harmed in the making of this tile, we promise.

And luckily, this tile is not just for style - as we have previously mentioned. You’ll also find that there is virtually zero maintenance when it comes to this affordable wood look porcelain tile flooring, whereas authentic hardwood flooring inevitably brings with it the tedious and physically demanding acts of sanding, buffing, polishing, oiling up or sealing off. Who wants to do that? Hint: none of us are raising our hands over here, either. We get the appeal of genuine hardwood, no doubt. But we can't say enough to express how much we love that there is a low cost wood look porcelain tile flooring option - like Marazzi American Estates - that is resistant to children, puppies, professional wrestlers and even visitors that may have a newly sharpened peg leg. Among other things.

So basically, by installing this flooring collection you are ensuring that the only thing being scratched will be your head, as you try to figure out why a professional wrestling match is happening on your new floors. It’s probably because your floors look so good. Just one of the hazards of having great taste - everyone wants a piece. But now that you have found your perfect wood look porcelain tile flooring, maybe it’s time to look into changing your locks. So the wrestlers, or whatever, don’t return.

We just have to share one more fantastically fun fact about the Marazzi American Estates (Heritage) Collection - wood look porcelain tile flooring at its finest. For those of you ordering to Arizona, California, Texas, or a handful of other states, there are free pick-up options and low-cost shipping options available. We'd tell you to pick your jaw up off the floor, but we keep dropping ours to the floor too. Feel free to give us a call so we can not only offer you the lowest prices available anywhere in the nation on this collection, but other ways to save time and money, as well. We're pretty into that sort of thing.