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Marazzi Caicos Glass Mosaic

Marazzi Caicos Glass Mosaic

Prepared to become Tom Hanks who was swept away by the sand and sea with the Marazzi Tile’s Caicos glass mosaic tiles. You can certainly see that under the available, glistening colors of the Caicos glass mosaic collection, every single seascape waves Mr Hanks experienced during his battle with the ocean’s abyss is captured here. From the beautiful sunny turquoise blue to the dark, gloomy stormy nights on an ill built raft will be your sense of escapism.

If you are contemplating with ocean themed ideas for your home, business, or any other property, the Marazzi Tile Caicos will be a clever choice. Perhaps, its time you stripped off those old walls at your weekend beach condo and get something more reflective of your surroundings. What could be better than having the beach and sea emulated at a place where it is closeby.

After a long day at the beach soaking up the sun, think about coming back and cleaning yourself in a bathroom decorated with Marazzi Tile’s Caicos Blue Beach mosaics. Your beach good time can continue happening even at home. If you had a pool instead, use your imagination about having tiles that emulate the different colors of the sea instead of the same old chlorine laden look of sterile blue. Caicos’s Eagle Beach’s muddy greens and Grace Beach’s ice grey smoky shades will be a representation of a different kind of beach like ones found near lakes. Your swimming pool can reflect a lake or a pond like environment instead.

Take the beach look all the way to the kitchen too with Caicos’s Baby Beach, Crane Beach and Shoal Bay. All these mixed shades in subdued browns, beiges and whites can accommodate the swirling look of waves hitting some of the popular bays around. Caicos is easy to be matched with ceramic or porcelain tiles of backsplashes, focus walls, fire and spa features. It is frost resistant and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.