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Marazzi Cambridge Oak Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Cambridge Oak Porcelain

Luxurious Marrazzi Cambridge Oak has all the allure of wood

Marazzi Cambridge Oak wood plank styled tiles is the porcelain tile flooring that brings hardwood aesthetics and engineered quality to all of your living spaces. These wood look porcelain tiles offers tout fine grain, veining and intricate patterns mimicking the oak species in such an attractive way. You will enjoy a nature inspired design with authentic details with fewer of the pitfalls. There three color choices to choose from that exhibit luxurious accents that add a stately feel to rooms of all sizes.

Since a porcelain tile's length and width also affect the design setting you wish to achieve, you may want to know that the Marazzi's Cambridge Oak porcelain collection boasts a visually stunning 6 x 36 and 9 x 36 sizes that create distinct design effects in rooms of different sizes. The presentation of the sizes installed in large room would make them seem less intimidating and more inviting.

However, the longer in the collection would add a certain kind of allure that also looks inviting to all kinds of visitors, making this a cool addition in commercial spaces where lots of exhibitions might be held that also boasts smaller rooms for showcases.

Marazzi Tile’s Cambridge Oak’s Brown and Natural pieces have a medium brown tone with splashes of dark elements that replicate what growth and time create in nature. The radiant tones of this wood look porcelain tile are well suited for living rooms, kitchens and charming bedrooms. Rooms with large windows allow natural light to skip across the surface and put the fine details on full display.

For a luxurious, stately look, turn to the Cambridge Oak’s Black for a very dark brown tone that create a delicious feel in living rooms and front spaces, especially if you have also planned for a fireplace. Because these tiles will last you a every long time, a full manufacturer's warranty is given to assure you that your investment will be sound underfoot for years to come.