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Marazzi Catwalk Glass Mosaics

Marazzi Catwalk Glass Mosaics

Many people don’t know these two well kept secrets, and that is the new catwalk line by Marazzi is one of the sexiest glass tiles around and the other, that even humble Ninja’s like to strut their stuff on the catwalk at times

Let your kitchen, vanity, pool or any wall strut it’s stuff with the Marazzi Catwalk Glass Linear Mosaic. If you have not been a fan of glass tile in the past you may have to karate chop those old beliefs as this new product shines and impresses in many dimensions. These beautiful patterns include a random combination of vividly colored tiles in varying lengths and widths that are guaranteed to kick up the look of any room or surface applied to.

Whether you are in the mood to wear your Pecan Pumps or while in Ninja meditation mode rocking your Sable Slipper, there is a pattern for your project that not only fits the room, it fits you! Some of us enjoy the contrast in life and in our rooms, and for that you can enjoy the smoky and colorfully versatile Steel Toe ranging from baby blue to solid black glass tiles. There are also certain Ninja’s that enjoy a more striking look that pops, for that look, I encourage you to indulge yourself in the Smokey Stilletto. This amazing combination draws beauty from the elegance of the elongated smoky white and gray tiles of similar patterns, allowing the amazing shape to do the “walking” like that of your favorite stiletto, you enjoy showing off in on a Saturday night.

Dramatic glass mosaics feature elongated strips in random widths and lengths with wide tonal ranges that produce an inviting sense of movement and surface excitement. Make quite a splash on residential and commercial vertical spaces, lighting up backsplashes, pools, vanities, entire wallscapes.

Gradient colors from lights to darks reflect a personal sense of style in these impervious, mesh-mounted beauties that are easy to clean as well as easy on the eye.