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Marazzi Crystal Stone

Marazzi Crystal Stone

From the beginning of its glass and stone union, Crystal Stone from Marazzi has quickly become a favorite among end users. So, we ask, “how did the words “stone” and “radiance” find themselves together in the first place?” Surely, with stone being a rough and unruly opposite to the polish and refinement of glass, the two should be distant friends at best, right? Again, this is why Marazzi supersedes the average tile manufacturer; they see beauty in all things and, as mentioned earlier, are aware of the phenomena of attracting opposites. In short, Stone Radiance is solid evidence that Marazzi has mastered the skillful art of matchmaking a rustic design with the perfect amount of polish. Marazzi has completed the Crystal Stone family by adding two praiseworthy patterns, a perfect color palette, and a high level of utility. Patterns are beautifully simplistic and include both a classic 5/8” X 5/8” and random linear mosaic. Regarding utility, Stone Radiance can be installed on walls and backsplashes in commercial and residential applications alike. Plus, Crystal Stone remains flawless in the great outdoors whether the climate is freezing or tropical. Finally, color availability within the Stone Radiance collection is eight-fold, but with a palette that includes blends such as Coffee, Ivory and Walnut.

When it comes to dating and relationships, most of us have been with at least a few different types of people. Some of these people have surely been more compatible than others, and some have been much less. So then, the question is: what exactly made certain individuals more or less compatible than the others? In a recent study, most people answered this question by saying that their best relationships were with persons who possessed personalities and traits that greatly contrasted their own. That being said, we are wondering if the designers over at Marazzi are familiar with this study. Why, you might ask? Because, with the Crystal Stone collection, primitive stone tile is bonded together with its antithesis, cultivated glass tile, to create a gorgeous union. In other words, Marazzi has taken two clear opposites and meshed them together to create a tile that is more than just versatile, durable, and functional.