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Marazzi Essentials Porcelain

Marazzi Essentials Porcelain

Everyone’s life has the essential needs and everyone has different essentials. Some require a space that is clean, others must contribute towards saving the environment and then there are the expressive types that just love to have lots of colors to choose and use. Marazzi decided that is would bring you all of the essentials to be any or all of these things and more with the Essentials glazed porcelain tile collection. Glazed porcelain from Marazzi ensure that you will have your essential protection, shine and durability in strength as well as the assurance that at least 21% of what made your contemporarily bold floors was recycled and gives back to the planet. Marazzi Essentials will flow your drab spaces into flourishing focal points of creativity with stunning stone impressions that are perfect for indoor and outdoor settings alike, on floor, counters and walls in your home or office, essentially everywhere.

Enjoy the light hearted beauty that is a brilliant fashion statement with Wondrous White, or go simply sultry with Simplistic Smoke. Blissful Brown will give you the warmth and welcome that you desire for your spa like sanctuary and Graceful Grey will graciously evoke the elements asleep in your home for a grounded yet gorgeous finish. Basic Black is just that and Trendy Taupe gives way for fashion forward favorites or a more formal forte. Whatever interests you, from 12x12 and 18x18 to 12x24 options that will leave your walls and floors picture perfect while 2x4 Brick Mesh-Mounted Mosaics are the ultimate accent for sinks, backsplashes or strikingly suave for entire walls. The Essentials collection from Marazzi is an avant-garde answer with a naturally classic twist that will ensure all of your essential elements of elegance and style are signed, sealed and delivered.