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Marazzi Evolution Stone Architectural Tile

Marazzi Evolution Stone Architectural Tile

Some want tile floors and some want a work of art, more specifically a work of architectural art. The Architectural Tile Solutions division of Marazzi, a worldwide company known for bringing the most durable, sustainable and attractive tile and stone options to many markets across the planet, is Marazzi’s answer for those yearning for natural stone effects implemented with dramatic class, authenticity and elegance. The Evolution Stone Color Body Double Loaded Porcelain tile collection from Marazzi is for those looking for something substantial that progresses their style continuity in a natural manner. Intrigue you and guests alike with strong and strikingly accurate natural stone replications that are subsequently some of the strongest and most environmentally sound options today with the seven subtly organic colors and multitude of designer inspired sizes, shapes and decorative options offered by the Evolution Stone collection from Marazzi. Enjoy a tight natural stone flow that is seamless and effortlessly organic with rectified tiles and finishes that allow you to diversify the elements you capture with Matte, Ridged and Rock options.

Décor directions are endless and no holds are barred as this tile can go anywhere. Transform your living room into an art deco lair with expansive 12x24, 24x24 and 28x48 options from Evolution Stone tiles, in Ardesia for an electric and metallic finish or Quarzite for something sunny and sophisticated. Piasentina is as cool as the predecessor of its cocoa color inspiration while Malaga is its rich and creamy counterpart. Serena is a splendid stone and Pierre Bleue offers unrivaled intrigue with Matte and Rock differentiating finishes. Luserna is the natural light at the end of this gorgeously adorn tunnel, which could be your hallways as your walls embrace the elements with these fabulous field tiles or the complex, perplexing and demanding decorative options. 12x12 Mosaic options will have you spinning with striking strips, contemplating Puzzle Mosaic and the ancient ambiance opportunity of Random Strips. 12x24 Wave is soft and welcoming while the Multi-Color Strips are energizing and exciting, the stacked option is perfect for the more traditional. Irregular 4” strip and Regular Strips are more 12x24 mosaic options, further implementing the need for this kind of style satisfaction only possible from a line that feels like you designed it yourself. The line that fills the shoes and doesn’t leave you footing the bill is the Evolution Stone collection and the company to thank for delivering you the opportunity to buy like a designer for the cost of a common consumer is Marazzi.