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Marazzi Habitat Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Habitat

Your habitat will glow as these gorgeous “planks” flow effortlessly with small seems making even you forget, that you are not really in a natural wood Habitat. Marazzi is known for delivering top of the line, state of the art wood replications and the stunning colors offered in this indoor/outdoor option are no different. Available in Beige, Black, Brown and Walnut, the 5”x20” planks will have you swooning in organic delight and resting peacefully in your refined retreat. Get what you are looking for in a sustainable and durable version, hardwoods that are easy to care for, easy to pay for and easy to reforest, since they don’t actually require trees. Marazzi considered your softer side of natural style and the need for a versatile product that can be used indoor and outdoor, professionally and personally when creating the super durable and elementally elegant, Habitat.

For a neutral beige with gorgeous cream highlights that will soften and open your spaces while Forest Noce and its deep mocha that almost appears like the trunk of a tree with it’s in depth effects of the marbling colors. The fun is just beginning with these striking colors as the Glass Gold, Glass Orange and Glass Green allows this to go from a humble forest of the Olympic peninsula to something a little more tropical like the lush Rainforests of Tulum on the beach on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Go coconuts in your kitchen with gorgeous Glass Gold Liners that can accent and add more vivid life to your already beautiful Forest Impressions 12x12 or 18x18 tiles. The Inserts offered in all three glass variations as well will continue to add depth and character to your design. With abundant choices, gorgeous natural colors and price and quality to back it all up, Forest Impressions by Marazzi is not just for the birds.