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Marazzi Harmony Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Harmony Wood Look Porcelain Tile Flooring on Sale at Ecomoso - lowest prices in the nation. The Harmony Porcelain Tile Collection proves our assertion that where things are in absolute harmony with one another, a peaceful energy exists. We have always thought that’s why they say that home is where the heart is - and we have found that our hearts crave these harmonious vibes woven and patterned throughout our lives. That’s how we have come to know the power of expressive interior design - because the ambiance of your home says a lot about the person you are and the way you view the world. The design aesthetic in your home also often dictates how you feel - and this porcelain wood look tile flooring is all about bringing zen and lightness into your world.

That’s why we’re in love with the Harmony wood look tile collection - a color body porcelain tile that carries a sophisticated and modern wood grain look. It gives our eyes these warm and fuzzy feelings we never thought affordable porcelain tile flooring could offer. That might sound dramatic, we understand, but we’re certainly not going to feel bad about knowing beauty when we see it. No matter what the object.

While the collection has the appearance of genuine hardwood flooring, it achieves more when it comes to durability and longevity - exactly what you should expect from quality porcelain tile flooring. Harmony begins with rectified edges, two different, perfectly-sized tiles and is made in four authentic, artfully-designed, bold shades. Opposite of authentic hardwood flooring, the tiles in the porcelain Harmony Collection won't crack, peel or fade in extreme conditions. Moisture doesn’t affect porcelain tile like it does hardwood - which becomes extremely vulnerable under wet conditions. That makes this collection perfect for indoor or outdoor installations, and the 6 x 36 inch and 9 x 36 inch tiles make it flexible when it comes to commercial or residential applications. The most exciting part about this collection: here at Ecomoso, we are offering this stunning series for the lowest price of the year. This makes Harmony a practical and elegant solution. Two very good things.

When it comes to the well-rounded, four-color palette, the cohesive (or, harmonious, if you will) collection allows for mixing different colors, or you may prefer to keep things more simple and unified with a single Marazzi Harmony tile color. The collection begins with its lightest offering - Harmony Tone, a modern shade of whitewashed wood. Three modern shades of brown round out the series: Harmony Chord, Harmony Note, and Harmony Pitch. Chord is a rich and dark cherry color, while Pitch has lighter red and medium brown tones. Note has some slight grey markings and colorations, on a notable medium brown base. We like considering the thrilling and dramatic design possibilities that can be achieved by installing different Harmony pieces on walls (vertically) or in a horizontal chevron pattern. For those with an adventurous spirit and limitless imagination, the Marazzi Harmony Wood Look Tile Collection will fulfill you in every way.

With the look of wood and the performance of porcelain tile, and with low-cost shipping options or free pick-up availability in certain states (California, Arizona and Texas, to name a few), it seems we’ve found ourselves in a harmonious place. We’d love for you to share this experience, and invite you to explore one seriously stunning collection of wood look porcelain tile. We have a feeling that peacefulness will wash over you when we tell you how affordable this wood look flooring is; and combining that feeling with a collection that meets your ideas and visual concepts - that is where Harmony exists.