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Marazzi Livingo Ceramic Tile

Marazzi Livingo Ceramic Tile

You haven’t really lived if you haven’t had something as auspicious as Marazzi Tile’s Livigno as your companion at home and work. It is not always a great find in the tile industry to have something that really speaks to you. Many people go for superficial beauty of tiles without weighing in all the pros and cons of the product but some really take pride into choosing exactly what they feel is unique to their own senses. The Marazzi Tile company has created many different collections based on this idea and is one of the best sellers in the industry. You can be assured you are choosing something that has spoken to your soul.

In the Marazzi Tile’s Livigno collection, capture the ever-changing look of primal weathered stone but in a deliciously modern, easy-to-install, easy-to-clean ceramic tile engineered for interior residential installations. Choosing an interior color and texture is probably one of the hardest thing to do in a building project but you won’t feel too much of a pressure here when you look at what is being offered under the Marazzi Tile’s Livigno collection. Warm, earthy colors in tones of golden brown, grey and walnut make a perfect foil for more adventurous, more colorful home furnishings and accent pieces that express individuality and design flair.

Size does matter most times in building projects and in this collection, two generous sizes (12”x12” and 18”x18”) with accompanying mosaics and bullnose have been created for your rambunctious flooring, sensitive walls, exciting countertops and romantic baths areas. Together with wherever else your imagination may want to soars like the den, the study, the office, your own private reading nook and the no children allowed area. Not to mention the happy hour area too.

Livigno’s Grigio, Noce and Oro are made from recycled content coming in impervious surface that inhibits the formation of mold and allergens. These are their specialty prime features you can count on while clean, straight edges keep this stone look relevant for all your modern lifestyle needs.