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Marazzi Metal Mania

Marazzi Metal Mania is varied with texture

Mania can be categorized in many ways but yours has just been catergorized under the Marazzi Tile’s Metal Mania collection. With this mania, you don’t have to be ashamed at all. This is a good mania. The euphoric feeling you will get with this design mania will be worth it. Decorative accents has never looked this classy and elegant.

Metal inspired decoration ideas can be fun, vibrant, sexy and positive. You can play around with metal coloured tiles, perforated steel, corrugated metal and metal wall panels in many different areas of the house. It can be masculine but also softened with carefully places feminine decorative items as well like nature inspired furniture. You can use the Marazzi Tile’s Metal Mania decorative accents to complement your porcelain or ceramic tiles on the walls.

Six different designs and in burnished metal colors are available under the Marazzi Tile’s Metal Mania collection. Dots are covered under the Liner Dot Bronze and Pewter. Very thin accents are offered as Pencil Liner Bronze and Pewter while the ridged texture is covered with Liner ridged Bronze and Pewter. Links, waves and rails come as Liner Link Bronze and Pewter, Liner Ridged Bronze and Pewter and Chair Rail Bronze and Chair Rail Pewter.

The metal inspiration spreads through satin nickel, brushed steel, oil-rubbed bronze, black iron, hammered silver, gold leaf, silver leaf and copper. If you are using these textures, colors, furniture, lights, fittings, upholstery and drapery (hopefully not in the same room albeit), the Marazzi Tile’s Metal mania accents can cover, complement and match all of them in a myriad of ways. The rooms where they will be painted in neutrals like grey, beige and whites could some metal inspiration for warmth. Use these combinations to express your individuality in eye catching ways.