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Marazzi Midpark Mosaics

Marazzi Midpark Mosaics

Find Mosaics of the perfect combination of style and practicality with Marazzi Midpark Mosaics

Who knows better than Mother Nature?

Marazzi Midpark Mosaics contain natural stones set in multi-surfaced porcelain. Together, they create a visually impressive dimensional wall art.

There is an incredible array of combinations of color, texture and sheen, which allows this detailed and mesh-mounted mosaic to command attention in any room. And it is not only the rooms of your own residence, but in virtually every building type that Marazzi Midpark Mosaics can be found. These incredible mosaics have been placed in educational institutions (these fine mosaics are easy to clean and are resistant to graffiti marks); entertainment; healthcare (where the appearance and need for sterility and professionalism go hand in hand); hospitality (fine restaurants and hotels); institutional; offices and retail (your local Walmart is certain to highlight these).

They can be arranged in either full-sized pieces or cut into strips that highlight certain features. They are extremely appropriate for any home or entity that looks to the long-term and understands that this will increase in importance in the future. These mosaics can be a cynosure on their own, or alongside other design elements, and they can do this indoors or outdoors. Regardless of whether they are placed in an environment of marble, metal, glass, limestone or slate, Marazzi Midpark Mosaics complements this setting very well.

Expanding on the aforementioned, it must be noted that the materials for these mosaics are ranked as number 4 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (emphasizing its resistance to damage) and have very little capabilities in absorbing water (reiterating its possible use outdoors where rain and dew can be prevalent).

Again, there is an incredible choice and selection to be found in choosing Marazzi Midpark Mosaics. There are five color gradations from white to charcoal; the three shapes of square, rectangular and the artistic trapezoid; three finishes of metallic, crackled and pearlized; all available in a variety of five unique natural stones.

The colors cover the range of both modern and traditional, and can be found in various hues. This, in itself, is perhaps the biggest enhancement in terms of personalization. You can further the aspect of customization by experimenting with the colors in the various sizes. The choices in sizes are 13 x 13; 13 x 12; and 12 x 12. The resultant mix can be either cohesive or disparate or both. As with all great works of art, Marazzi Midpark Mosaics can be open to many interpretations.