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Marazzi Oxford Ceramic Wall Tile

Marazzi Oxford Ceramic Wall Tile

Marazzi Tile’s Oxford wall tile collection is the epitome of tradition, charm and the old world exuberance of British aristocratic shenanigan. As history has proven from time to time, the British were indeed good with some cultural and architectural shenanigans like the invasion of India, the whole farce with curries and such marvels as the Gherkin in London. There is also the reign of Crazy Henry, the Camilla affair and let’s not even think about a certain Miss Simpson.

Fortunately, some good sense had prevailed like the creation of the oldest university in the English speaking world, the Oxford University. You could see that some of the colors and textures of what is decorated in Oxford halls to be depicted under the Marazzi Tile’s Oxford collection.

Oxford by Marazzi Tile challenges the trend for larger-sized tiles on walls and changes the focus to exceptional smaller formats that truly mesmerize. The collection is one of sophisticated, confident, aesthetically pure and wide open to personal interpretation. Glazed porcelain diamond mosaic floor accents will add a three-dimensional complement to the exquisite walls you are looking into creating.

You can see the refined English sophistication captured in the Ofrod’s Bianco, Cacao, Gris, Marfil, Negro and Perla. The natural warmth and tactile appeal of the noble walnuts and teaks that inspired the series are beautifully translated to rectified, easy-care, color-body porcelain. Your long hallways leading into spacious sun filled atrium rooms will benefit exponentially with something like Oxford’s Perla or Bianco.

When you reach the said room, all the sunlight coming through crystal clear glass panelling will be captured perfectly with Oxford’s Cacao or Marfil. Fill the room with very dark green leafy plants with spread out blades. Take your honeybunny for tea and scones or just hang about lazily reading an Emily Bronte love yarn.