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Marazzi Percorsi Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Percorsi Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Percorsi is a through-body porcelain tile with a highly textured and earthy look. This natural stone-inspired porcelain tile collection is an excellent choice for use throughout the home, in kitchens, baths, and living areas and beyond. Thanks to its complex texture, Percorsi tile works well in conditions with abundant natural light. The sharpness of the design efforts afforded in Marazzi Percorsi Collection creates a chrome effect that allows your floors to mimic the appropriate fashion for the time of day, as they will gather and reflect light during sunny days while giving a light matt sheen in evenings, under natural light. A practical and poised design decision for those looking for an authentic improvement with the durability and accurate replica of a through body porcelain tile.

The line is available in four carefully designed colors, Percorsi Beige, Percorsi Bianco, Percorsi Nero, and Percorsi Verde. This striking collection is available in the following sizes 6"X12", 12"X12", 12"X24", so that the design of your dreams can come to life. Blend these complimentary and diverse colors for a bold design or simply allow the rectangular field tiles to play with the uniform squares to create a more open and eye-catching appearance. Mesh-Mounted Mosaics are perfect for a backsplash that will leave your kitchen feeling like it was carved into a gorgeous natural stone wall. Percorsi Nero sets a sultry mood with its deep grey slate glaze while Bianco is illuminating with its warm and bright nearly iridescent cream color. Percorsi Verde offers something more striking with rust waves throughout. Percorsi Beige is approaching a nearly rosy effect that will bring your traditional motif together as if it were a canvas. Design dreams do come true and for a price that is not a nightmare and quality that will leave you resting easy, with Marazzi’s Percorsi.