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Marazzi Province Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Province Porcelain

As patriotic as they come, the Marazzi USA company pulled their inspiration for the Province series from our northern neighbor, oh Canada. Made of glazed ceramic right here in the good ol’ US-of-A, this series recalls Canada’s chic duality in proud North American style, eh? They grew up alongside us, but they seem to have retained more European influence than the fifty states. One of their provinces speaks French rather than English for goodness sake, eh? With their penchant for all things Euro-fabulous it is no wonder that old European architecture is very much in the fashion up north. Let Canada be the more stylish sister no more, fellow countrymen! Rise up, rid yourself of any unclean thoughts revolving around Tim Hortons deco and pre-fab housing modules. Elevate your décor above the border with the Province series, eh?

In typical Canadian fashion this series is unobtrusive and cosmopolitan. Gentle color movements along with delicate, feathery veining characterize this chic and muted tile. With an American mouth as big as yours, you are going to want a subtle environment for your backdrop, eh?Just about as likeable as everything Canada has produced, from Canadian ham to Ryan Gosling, the series is available in soft New Brunswick grey, Quebec ivory and Nova Scotia rust neutrals. Reminiscent of the vast and varied beauty found amongst the rolling hills of Canada’s many vast provinces, the same refined color palette adorns both field tiles and square mosaics. For a complete look, the continuity of color extends to the decorative accents and coordinating trims, eh? Put away that passport and the poutine because the Province series provides just the right dose of Canadian chic. Look the part without giving up your once daily dose of dirty water hotdogs. Le hotdog just doesn’t have the same ring, eh?