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Marazzi San Savino Porcelain Tile

Marazzi San Savino Porcelain Tile

Hey, nobody says that if you are over a certain age, you need to stick to the traditional and to prove that, you may choose the Marazzi Tile’s Savino as the preferred choice for your home building materials. If you took a trip to the suburban homes of bustling European cities, you would find that not all of their mature citizens want to stick to the traditional crockpot style. Most of them have embraced contemporary fashions very well. Even if you travel to the quaint little towns, you will see the traditional and contemporary side by side. An old cupboard from the 1960s may sit together with an ultra modern leather or suede sofa.

We assure you to use the best of your contemporary taste to decorate your home with regardless to which decade you are in. Utilize the urban style of Marazzi Tile’s San Savino to decorate your home in ways that your children will be surprised at you. Even better if your older grandchildren are surprised. Time to throw away those yesteryear ideas and move into the digital age with things like modular prints, metal inspired furniture, linear fittings and of course contemporarily designed tile decorations.

Marazzi Tile’s San Savino presents glazed porcelain which elevates old world rustic concrete to a place of prestige in modern, urban settings. The collection’s dramatic shade range and worn, gentled edges combine with the authentic distress of stains and water discolorations is the perfect match for a very city like setting. Think about creating robust counterpoint for contemporary furnishings and spaces with San Savino’s Greve, Pienza and Volterra

The San Savino collection comes in big, bold planks and squares in 12"x24", 18"x36" and 20"x20" formats leverage three dynamic natural shade ranges of beige, charcoal and grey to recreate authentic concrete color-plays and patterns.