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Marazzi Silk Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Silk Porcelain

Only the elegant need inquire. If you are not sophisticated and sound in your stunning style, please step aside. This is for the show stoppers. You are the person who is craving luxurious style like you just walked into your 5000sf. home, which you drove to in your SL500, strutting your stuff across your urbane Italian Marble floors and revel in the undeniable eloquence that you possess. You are Silk, by Marazzi, a high quality ColorBody option that is an excellent and classy alternative to the high price of real Italian imports. Since Marazzi is inspired by the timeless style of the well cultured Italians and ensures eco-friendly products that are durable and beautiful to stand the test of time, you really cannot go wrong with Silk ColorBody porcelain. ColorBody ensure that your walls, floors, counters and backsplashes remain poised and well presented, just like you, for years to come.

Silk is a sensation for the sophisticated and is not to be taken lightly, only true design mavens can truly embrace and appreciate the unique and unrivaled elegance offered by this preposterous porcelain that plays well at such a pleasant price. Distinguished not only describes you but the first high-class color offered by the Silk collection. This Dark Noce is the perfect counterpart to Elegant and Sophisticated, which are a playful white and beige respectably. 12x24, 18x36 and 20x20 tiles allow you to make a bold statement that showcases the lovely veining of this travertine look alike that will be perfect for walls and floors, professional or personal, because you are high-fashion and high-class wherever you go. 2x12 Listelli and 2x2 mosaics in mixed colors complete your classically classy couture, making your flawless fa├žade smooth as Silk, Marazzi Silk that is.