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Marazzi SistemT Kaleidos Architectural Tile

Marazzi SistemT Kaleidos Architectural Tile

Take a trip back to your childhood and remember what it was like seeing the beautiful colors of a Kaleidoscope. What was so fascinating about this seeming mirage of bursting colors that would change as you turned the end? It was the layers, the depth, and the different perspectives. These same ideals inspired the Architectural Inspiration team over at Marazzi when they put a final piece to the SistemT puzzle with SistemT-Kaleidos. This stunning line is perfect for outstanding commercial settings and home settings alike that are looking to make a statement and a splash, of color that is. This fabulous unglazed through body porcelain ensures that durability and appearance will sustain and shine on, being quite lenient with your high traffic and tough weather demands. Perfect for water-jet designs allowing customize patterns, perfect for the layered speckles and splotches playfully jumping on top of seemingly sprinkled chromatic dust which is again, on top of a big bold hue. SistemT-Kaleidos is quite the offering from Marazzi and is the perfect complement to its SistemT partners in creation, Cromie and Graniti and a counterpart and accomplice for SistemA and SistemN.

Design dreams don’t stop there, the deep rooted color palette and options for Matte or Polished finishes allows these diverse 12x12 tiles to complete or initiate any look you so desire. Antracite is fun with rich noir and creamy splashes and chocolate brown splashes, certain to add a saucy border to natural tones in bathrooms, entranceways and outdoor settings easily. Blue is dynamic and dense with grey/green and cream spots and underlying speckles that will keep the eyes curious and your design in consensus. Grigio Medio, Bianco, Tortora, Sabbia and Panna are other great options, making SistemT-Kaleidos from Marazzi Architectural Solutions division, a shining example of durable, sustainable, style worthy and eco-friendly tile with an architectural kick.