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Marazzi Soho Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Soho Porcelain Tile

I hear Fifth Avenue calling your name. If the high rise lofts and unique spaces offered throughout the boroughs of New York City are your thing and uber-modern is your mantra, Marazzi’s decision to bring you this avant-garde Soho look for a price that is oh so low just might tickle your nose. The Soho collection from Marazzi is the epitome of contemporary tile design. This chic and sophisticated collection offers all the iconic elements of modern decor, such as clean lines, minimal variation, stark colors and minimal texturing. Overall, Soho tile makes a bold style statement with a minimalist look. It’s perfect for contemporary kitchens, living areas and custom baths. With versatile colors such as Beige, Grey, Brown, and Anthracite, there is a Soho shade for any situation. The Soho Collection from Marazzi is a color body tile, ensuring that the genuine stone representation sustains the life of your Soho design dream.

The Soho collection is available in 12"X24", 24"X24", 12"X48", 24"X48" Modular and Field tiles that can be used as a traditional or elaborately designed floor or wall pattern. If Soho Collection’s big and bold options that far surpass the expansiveness offered by many other lines of tile weren’t quite enough to leave you in la la land about your soon to be poised pad, the decorative tile options will send you spinning in urbane creativity. Turn your commercial bathroom into a trendy and fashionable powder room palace with Anthracite Modulo Mesh-Mounted Mosaic that is ironically elegant and random, also available in the rusty slate finish of Brown. The Brown Fascia Mosaic offers clean lines and popping designs, also available in Beige, Anthracite and Grey. Bring the high-fashion style of your favorite TV NYC high-rise to your home and office spaces with quality that is built to last and prices that will keep you grounded.