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Marazzi Stone Age Ceramic Tile

Marazzi Stone Age Ceramic

Is your style back in the Stone Age or is your budget that dictates your flooring? Either way, you might want something a little more snazzy, refined and fresh than what your bank account or current motif may imply, but no need to fear, Marazzi is here. That may sound like a mighty hero’s call at first, yet you may find it appropriate when you see what Marazzi delivered when they developed the Stone Age ceramic line. A mighty fine glazed ceramic tile that is perfect for walls and floors, with a contemporarily classic look, making it perfect for any décor or setting, professional or personal. Featuring all of your favorite modern elements like metal, glass and natural stone, Marazzi brought it all to the table to make Stone Age durable, sexy, sleek and easy to care for.

Four very distinct and fun colors make this something to call home about, but since that is so Stone Age, we will say email or text about. Lava River is sensually stunning with deep reds, grey and layered effects, leaving a perfect tile that will flow and glow in any space. Lost Sea is a perfect blend of beige, tan and grey with the ever so slightest hint of green to create an organic opening in any home or office. Mammoth is a mammoth statement of style with cool browns and an almost purple overall feel. Sequoyah is the most neutral and is inviting and warm. If these colors did not take you back a few dozen centuries and Lava did not melt away your ice age chills, three suitable sizes, 6x6, 12x12 and 18x18 allow for design diversity or traditional tile layout. With Stone Age from Marazzi, anything and everything, old and new, is possible with elegance and authenticity that is stone cold striking.