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Marazzi Studio M Glass Mosaic

Marazzi Studio M Glass Mosaic

You know that friend of yours who is constantly throwing “the party of the century?” And you know how even at “your age” they still insist that the two of you hit up every club in the city? Yes, we’re talking about THAT friend. So, pray tell us, aren’t you tired? Aren’t you just dying to go to bed at a reasonable hour? Plus, we know you’re sick of all that bar hopping so, please, don’t try to sugar-coat your torment with us. In fact, we are certain that your biggest wish is to have just one amazing club to go to. What, you say?!? How could we possibly know that? Simply put, we know because we’ve been there. So, do us a flavor and pick up that big chin of yours because, OMG, that thing is huge! Then, just think: no more hurt feet, no more crowded dance floors, and no more poorly mixed cosmos. FloorNinja is here to tell you that there is a better way! More specifically, there is a better place. A one-stop-shop of sorts. A magical kingdom, if you will. Ladies and gents, but mostly ladies, please say ciao to your clubbing blues, and buongiorno to Marazzi Studio M!

Oh yeah (said just like that perv you met last week at your local Samba night for singles (really, that guy was gross (so gross we had to overdo it on these parentheses (eek!))). Listen, Studio M is a far cry from your neighborhood sports bar, which makes it perfect for those (ahem, you) who are afraid to jump, Jive, wail, and really party their asses off. On top of being a total blast, this tile is absolutely gorgeous, boasts durability, and is highly versatile. The honest truth, if you can handle it, is that these traits combine to create a far more generous offer than the one that 40-yr-old virgin you talked to a few weeks ago gave you.

Oh, were you still trying to forget about that? Okay, okay, we’ll move on. Studio M is available in six stunning colors, all of which Waltz with perfect paradisiacal inflection across the glass that contains them. As a result, Studio M is an effortless complement to every space it fills. But wait, there’s more! Studio M is also paper-face mounted on 13X13 sheets and all colors come in both a square or brick-style pattern. In addition to being a total bombshell, Studio M is also highly durable. As a matter of fact, between residential, commercial, vertical, horizontal (hopefully, you still remember what that means), and pool projects, this tile is always ready to Tango.

So, there you have it! Chances are, you are now dying to get on the guest list for this amazing tile.