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Marazzi Taiga Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Tiaga

Marazzi Tile’s Taiga collection: the best wood flooring made from porcelain

Hardwood flooring is something that is popularly sough after to this day but its costs and maintenance features may deter some buyers, who will opt to choose hardwood look on porcelain instead.

The Marazzi Tile’s Taiga porcelain collection brings the natural allure of attractive hardwood to your home in the form of durable tiles that are cost conscious and easy to maintain too. These tiles which look like almost real wood require much less maintenance and are easier to clean than traditional hardwood. They also offer enhanced design flexibility to satisfy your personal décor preferences and unique styles.

What you might see in terms of presentation in the market are porcelain tile planks when they emulate the hardwood look but the Marazzi Tile’s Taiga offers square sized tiles which allows for you to plan different layouts. You may plan the ever classic hardwood flooring look with flowing arrangements or go for the modern crossed wood plank overlay look.

This stunning collection is offered in three colors that mimic real hardwood hues, each one being available in standard 13 x13 porcelain tiles. If you are searching for a lovely warm shade full of reds, browns, and amber tones which keeps natural light to a minimum while giving off an inviting atmosphere to your living room or bedroom, choose the Iroco piece.

The Ebano exhibits a much darker shade with a solid, dignified look that makes a stunning impression in entrance hallways, office reception areas and just that little space between your main door and living room hall. The Teca offer a slightly patched and layered look, showcasing blends of charcoal and mahogany, creating a rustic appearance that might be a preferred choice amongst younger, out-of-box thinking designers.