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Marazzi Vesale Stone Glazed Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Vesale Stone Glazed Porcelain Tile

Let modern become your mantra with this ultra-hip line that is filled with timeless classics, inspired by those material forged of Italy’s old hillsides. Vesale Stone Glazed Porcelain Tile by Marazzi is a cultured experience; this line offers diversity at every corner and performance that sustains. Feel the organic warmth of nature’s most stunning in the space of your own home. Picture your gorgeous leather floor furniture atop a Moss colored motif that was bold yet natural with incredible veins and layers of diverse colors, offering contrast, diversifying the spaces and lighting conditions that Vesale Stone can meet hold up to. You can have these rustic options adorning your floors and walls with the confidence you get with Marazzi’s durable glazed porcelain tile floors and their state of the art digital design technology, ensuring that you “keep it real” for a really long time. Vesale Stone’s shades, shapes, styles and sizes are an varying as the seasons of Italy’s diversified countryside. Be inspired by nature, be moved by your design and be relaxed by knowing that you are spending less money on a product that will be reliable and a practical.

Moss offers intricacies as rich and vivid as rich forest vegetation offers with deep greenish grey, warm tan and a faded stone grey, sophisticated and rustic, a great option for anyone looking to make their home a bit more urbane. Rust offers similar layers staying in the more neutral tones while dancing with the dark side and Sand brilliantly allures with its rich yet subtle tan and beige striations and undertones. Smoke is the least varied yet maybe the most intense as it offers a myriad of color making it a diverse option for many design settings that may already be in place. Design like a diva with 1x1 and 2x2 Mosaic Squares or get elegant with 2x3 ½ Diamond Mosaics. Vesale Stone is an understated stone look with a distinguished character, which will bring the warmth of a Tuscany hill side estate to your own, whilst delivering comforting quality and reliable durability.