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Marazzi Walnut Canyon Porcelain Tile

Marazzi Walnut Canyon Porcelain Tile

The Walnut Canyon Porcelain Tile Collection is one of Marazzi’s most popular collections. And the reasons are obvious. This simple and stylish porcelain tile collection is ideal for use in a variety of environments, both contemporary and traditional. The colors are understated, yet complex with subtle interplay and shading throughout. Each neutral tone, from dark Multi, to light Cream to rich Golden and deep Umber offers something unique. Walnut Canyon is a color body tile ensuring that these gorgeous finishes last through life’s inevitable ups and down that may take a toll on your gorgeous floors. The variations offered in the ultra-natural replication will leave your style distinguished yet urbane. This luxurious line offers the ultimate in quality and high definition design to transform your rooms into high-end quarters.

Get creative as such a product is ideal for those whose design dreams have them crawling the walls. Turn your bathroom into an absolute master piecing by utilizing the diversity of design tools offered by the Walnut Canyon Collection. Marazzi’s name itself screams décor inspiration and these options will certainly energize your inner creator as the 2x2 square and 2x4 Brick Mesh Mounted Mosaics give a grounded and rich enough organic feel to be displayed too expansively, upon walls and spa tubs alike. Cream, Golden, Multi and Umber fulfill all of your longings for the reaches of rich and vibrant natural colors, exploring many shade options and innate variations and with 6 ½ x 6 ½ , 13x13 and 20x20 options, your style is certain to speak. Make your design absolutely delectable and arise the senses with Walnut Canyon by Marazzi, and do so for an affordable price with a top of the line manufacturing process that is built to last, like the precious stones it so accurately replicates.