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Marazzi Western Stone Porcelain

Marazzi Western Stone Porcelain

Back to the Yukon, and no, we are not headed for the beach, which is the Yucatan, so the Caribbean must be forgone to head for the frontier as Marazzi forges it with this incredible line of stone replications inspired by the awe-inspiring rock formations that may be found in Canada’s mountainous terrain, including the Yukon. Western Stone porcelain tile is stunning and deeply dimensional with colors that are layered with personality, veining, striations, splotches and much more, making it a sensational show stopper that will still allow you accouterments to do some of the talking. Grounded and gorgeous, this Gold Rush of goodness is not only for fools to rush in, as you too can get with the down to earth program and decorate your diva den with impeccable stone replications for a fraction of the price.

Featuring the best of Marazzi’s traits, this eco-friendly product is constructed from over 20% recycled materials and comes in four fabulous finishes of perfect glazed porcelain that will withstand the test of time and personal taste. Perfect for walls or floors, this highly variegated tile adds instant personality and poise and does so in the most earthen of senses. Klondike, Gold Rush, Yukon Trail and Canyon City will have you feeling like you took of chunk of terrain home with you from your lifetime dream trip of exploring the great cold frontier. If that last comment was a little much for you, maybe just get warm and cozy by your fireplace that is beautifully decorated with 2x2 Mosaic squares, which reminds you of the days you spent inside while your husband shredded the slopes at Whistler. 6.5x6.5, 13x13 and 20x20 options leave expansive room for the imagination and makes Western Stone from Marazzi a rock solid winner for style that sustains and just so happens to be perfect for you.