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Metroflor Vinyl Studio Plus Plank

Metroflor Vinyl Studio Plus Plank

OK, so you have been looking at vinyl planks, vinyl planks, vinyl planks. Lots of different styles of flooring, lots of different species of woods, lots of different patterns, lots of different colours and right now, you’re head is just swimming in pulp!

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think about the forest instead of wood. Think about the greens, the sun shining through dense foliage in the summer and the smell of wonderful dirt. Got it? Now imagine walking inside the forest and experiencing all these things by yourself and then later, with your family.

The Studio Plus Plank Luxury Vinyl has the consistency and vitality of nature itself, the nature which is still available for us to enjoy that is. Just imagine, once that beautiful, unending nature has been pillaged by big corporations, if you had chosen the Studio Plus Plank, it would be the only nature you would be looking at for years to come inside your house, patting yourself on the back.

The Studio Plus Plank series under its belt has Apple Cider, Chester, Truckee, Acapulco (oh yeah baby all that surf, sun and beach), Ash, Rockmere Walnut, Jarah and Baltimore colours to choose from, that even under the extreme circumstances where you let your not very creative partner chose, will still be the most easiest mistake that possible cannot be made. So, instead of further confusing yourself by reading strange sentences in write ups like this one, you could go ahead and actually order your samples to come to a decision which was not swayed by marketing gibberish that may be written by uncreative writers like this one.

Be assured that the write-ups are just the bonus pieces and the actual prize are the quality planks themselves. Good luck!