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Mirage Allways Tile

Mirage Allways is Simple and Unique

The Mirage Allways porcelain tile collection will always be there as your partner in crime for a cool looking home. This wood effect on porcelain stoneware is guaranteed to enhance all rooms in your home with a unique idea presented in sinuous veins and simple harmony. Unique and special does not have to be something garish nor in your face, as you will see that minimalist design concepts works like a charm in its subtlety.


The Mirage Allways reinvents natural elements, translating them into a ceramic product with a soft, pastel tonality. A porcelain stoneware interpretation of wooden floors, inspired by Swedish modern style is what you get in this collection. It takes on a new, contemporary role characterized by spotless graphic purity and captivating nuances that warm up any home environment. This means, no matter what climate you live in, be it summer all year around like in California or seasonal on the east coast side, the Mirage Allways will deliver absolute perfection.


Additionally, the Mirage Allways harnesses the potential uses and high performance levels of ingeniously made porcelain stoneware to produce a products with tactile surfaces for that extra feature. The pure material expression of functionality and practicality can be seen in the seven color palette offered in 8 x 48 sizes. Sleek, urban dark colors are seen in the Allways Pier Wood, Allwaya Wagon Wood and Allways Boat Wood. The Pier Wood falls under a velvet black almost dark brown shade whereas Boat Wood and Wagon Wood brings stormy skies into your home.


Allways Fence Wood Look snow white background in subtle grey veining gives wonderful new meaning for reading and tv rooms while Oat Wood Look and Cabin Wood Look’s beige gives neutrality. These lighter tone palette will work like a charm with flower print upholstery, heavy curtains and furnishing with metal trimmings.