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Monarch Plank Castello Collection

Castle-Inspired Style from Monarch Planks Castello Hardwood

The Monarch Planks Castello Hardwood flooring collection surely takes its inspiration from castles in Italy. You may have thought that the Italians are more in love with natural stones such as marbles when it comes to architecture but naturally, hardwood is also used many of their buildings. Why, even the famous Leonardo used hardwood to make this sculptures and tools.


Monarch Planks brings the beauty of European wood on one fantastic collection called the Castello. This exclusive collection is so exclusive that careful consideration was made to only include seven to die for shades for the people who are exclusive minded. If you are one of those persons who love things which are one of a kind and exclusive, then the flooring pieces offered under the Monarch Plank Castello is suitable for you.


Lucky seven is the number these exclusive and distinctive shades are on offer, they are the Castello Casano, Castello Linari, Castello Rubbia, Castello Delfino, Castello Zisa, Castello Lucera and Castello Riva. All of them come in 7” strips for big rooms and small rooms. A medieval Italian castle doesn’t have to look medieval inside. Italians are also known for their trendy and fashionable mind which is well spread all over the world. Long corridors that simply lead to other rooms around your castle where portraits of long gone ancestors look on solemnly is the perfect setting for a Castello Delfino to be installed.

   A cozy large bedroom can take on a Castello Lucera or Castello Riva for bedrooms that has seen many kings and queens to have been conceived. Dining is usually done in halls and not rooms in castles and you may find these halls a favorite for hardwood flooring. Castello Linari with its exquisite ridging is perfect for this task and you won’t ever have to hide an ugly old flooring with another carpet again.