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Monarch Plank Domaine Collection

Simple Elegance from Monarch Planks Domain Hardwood

Choosing a floor doesn’t have to be hard once you have laid eyes on the Domain hardwood flooring collection from Monarch Planks. These elegant looking planks brings to mind some of the famous flooring that have existed for many years in famous buildings. Famous buildings doesn’t have to be only public buildings as there are many residential buildings which have been quite popular throughout the years. Styles and décor ideas from them has been copied and emulated.


The kind of hardwood flooring you see in the Domain collection from Monarch Plank can be seen in iconic celebrity residences such as the Dakota in New York City. The Dakota is where the great John Lennon lived in the last few years of his life and some of the other names you may be familiar with who lived there are actresses Judy Garland and Lauren Bacall.


These designated landmark of NYC is known to have beautifully inlaid long hardwood flooring made from cherry, oak and mahogany. Drawing rooms and parlors were a normal fixture in these apartments where no two actually looked like the other. If you have the space, think about having such features in your own abode too where you can choose one of the ten notable shades available under the Monarch Plank Domain collection.


Instead of having a living room where private and public is mixed together, why not have a drawing room which is solely to entertain guests. This way, you don’t have to hide all your personal things whenever someone comes to visit in the main room where you and your family hang out. Decorate your drawing room with antique sofas and table and spend that extra money on an old chandelier. It doesn’t have to be grand one but one is light and casual. Some distinctive shades under the Domain such as the Chambord, Argonne and Landes are choice flooring for such drawing rooms.