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Monarch Plank Storia II Collection

Monarch Plank Storia II Hardwood

The Evolution of Storia into Storia II

Monarch is a well respected name in the world of hardwood flooring. The company has carved a niche for itself as it creates handcrafted hardwood planks and imparts the most alluring colors and textures to them. The company has a wide range of products under the category of prefinished collections. Storia II happens to be one of the products under this category that was earlier labeled as simply Storia. Most of the varieties of Storia II engineered hardwood planks have been made using Euro Oak though there are also Rometta and San Zeno, Storia II varieties made using Walnut and Hickory species of hardwood.

As a loyal customer, if you are trying to find out the changes that have been effected to launch Storia II in place of Storia, you can feel the differences by changes in shade and textures. The following is a complete list of changes that have been introduced to launch Storia II in place of Storia:

Lombarda is the new name of the variety that was earlier called Lunata. Made from Euro Oak, it is slightly lighter and less yellow than Lunata. It also boasts of a higher gloss. Cora has been introduced in place of Pomino. Made using Euro Oak, it is lighter in shade and is less amber with more gloss than Pomino. The same are the differences in the case of Strada that is available in Storia II in place of Sorano. Agazzi that us been introduced in place of Vinci has a totally different color. Made from Euro Oak, it has a light grey background instead of black that was there. Torano, made from Euro Oak, does not look as washed out or white as the product called Carrarra in Storia. Fiano, made from Euro Oak, introduced in place d of Crespina, has higher gloss but lighter hue. Sovana is more or less similar to earlier Volterra. Made from Euro oak, it boasts of little more gloss. Pesaro, made from Euro Oak and introduced in place of Pelago has a darker color in background and it looks less yellow. La Lima, again made using Euro Oak, is glossier and lighter than earlier Marciana. Londa, made from Euro Oak, is a new color (charcoal grey) that has been introduced in Storia II. San Zeno, made from Hickory, is also a totally new color. Rometta, made using Walnut, replaces Orbetello. It is lighter in color and has a higher gloss.