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Monarch Plank Windsor Collection

Live Like Royalty with Monarch Planks Windsor Hardwood

If the name Windsor doesn’t make you feel like a royalty, then the Windsor hardwood flooring collection from Monarch Planks will. Try saying the name Windsor a few times and let it roll off your tongue in a classy British way. You can practice to say the name with your nose high up in the air when everyone who comes to your home complement how beautiful your floors.


The Monarch Plank Windsor hardwood flooring collection brings the beauty of hardwood to the forefront where deciduous trees are used in its creation. Taking the name which is synonym with royalty, castles and a country in Berkshire, England, the Windsor planks are certainly for a king or queen. The royal family of England themselves have taken on the name of Windsor because of its stately nuances so you should not wait too long to also have a Windsor in your home.


Monarch Planks Windsor offers eight magnificent shades that can all be used in different parts of your home. These cool looking planks are available in smooth finishes, wire brushed finishes, hand-scraped finishes and urethane finishes. Traditional wood colors with natural looking ridges can be seen in the Windsor Arden, Windsor Bradfield and Windsor Foxley. Perhaps, the Queen has had one of these 7.50” planks installed in one of her offices.


The Windsor Nottingham is something Princess Diana would have had a connection with through her fiery spirit. Windsor Winterfold and Windsor Whiteleaf looks like what Princess Kate might have twisted William’s arms over to be installed in their Suite Apartments to go with her love for modern curtain patterns while Windsor Sherwood might be floor Camilla lays all her shoes on. Then there is the charming Windsor Highgate, whose wire brushed tendencies and smooth visuals make the patriarch Prince Phillip delighted.