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Monocibec Ethnos Porcelain

Monocibec Ethnos Porcelain

Monocibec Ethnos will pleasantly surprise you with its lovely swirling patterns of natural stone in a durable porcelain format. We love authentic natural stone, but porcelain allows for more carelessness throughout your everyday life. Perhaps in your previous home you and your friends had the bright idea of bowling indoors with your expensive glassware atop your travertine floor. Thousands of dollars in repairs later, you vowed never to pull such antics ever again, but who knows? You might as well be prepared. So go with Monocibec Ethnos; the only noticeable difference between Ethnos and authentic travertine is that this porcelain will hold up to your asinine ideas, while natural stone certainly will not.

Monocibec Ethnos is available in six different sizes and two colors to maximize design flexibility. While porcelain is always made from natural materials, the eco-friendly aspects of this product are boosted by its 40 percent makeup from recycled materials, as well as a good solar reflectance index rating. In basic English, this means that Monocibec Ethnos does not contribute to the heat island effect that commonly occurs with asphalt, concrete, and other natural stones. While your neighbors will be drenched in sweat on their patio during the summer months, you will be nice and cool, in terms of both temperature and style. The Huron option is the lighter of the two colors, ideal for accentuating natural sunlight throughout your home for cascading visuals. Iowa is a darker beige, working well in contemporary as well as traditional styles. Choose from 6”x6”, 10”x10”, 10”x20”, 13”x13”, 20”x20”, and 20”x40” porcelain tiles. If you are completely off your rocker, install the mosaic 2”x2” option throughout your entire home. I’m sure your tile installer will love you.