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Monocibec Graal Porcelain

Monocibec Graal Porcelain

Monocibec Graal porcelain is yet another emulation of the old-world aesthetics of travertine stone, reminiscent of expansive lairs that covered Ancient Rome. Picture yourself in the middle of an arena, sword in hand, crowds cheering, and fighting to the death while the Emperor’s daughter is giving you googly eyes from afar. Of course we know you’re really just holding one of those store-bought light sabers, sporting a Halloween costume that no longer fits you, and the ferocious lion being sent into the ring to devour the remains of the defeated is your cat Mr. Sprinkles, but you can dream, right? It’s OK; we won’t tell anyone, but for the love of all humanity, please consider purchasing some blinds. More importantly, you can live out your childish fantasies with more realism—as well as impress your adult houseguests—by installing Monocibec Graal.

This Monocibec line sports four color schemes, each with varying blends of olive green, light indigo, sandy brown, coppery red, and timeworn grey. Each color is available in 6.5”x6.5”, 10”x10”, 10”x20”, 13”x13”, and 20”x20” porcelain tiles. Sinclair will make natural light shine down on you like a spotlight, while Montsegur will present a calm, collected atmosphere to any room. The intermediate blend of Perceval fits nicely with both old-world and new-world aesthetics, whether Roman gladiators or Inquisition. (Hey. It’s your fantasy. Remember?) The sandy light browns of Arras will bring you right to the center of the arena, and if you really decide to go full-blown crazy and start splattering corn syrup mixed with food coloring just like they do in the movies to simulate blood, it will clean up easily as it will not stain the porcelain. So call us to find out more about Monocibec Graal, along with referrals to your nearest insane asylum. Trust us, we know of several good ones.