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Monocibec Modern Porcelain

Monocibec Modern Porcelain

Monocibec Modern, in contrast to its other natural stone replications, brings out that obnoxious yuppie hipster in all of us. Sure, hipsters may unnecessarily gloat about how vinyl sounds better, how HDTV is overrated, and how they drink Pabst Blue Ribbon for the taste (right…), but we can’t knock their sensibilities when it comes to flooring. Monocibec Modern fits right at home with minimalistic style, turning your living space into something as bare as an abandoned office. Maybe you sold all your furniture before it was the cool thing to do, who knows. What we do know, however, is that this Monocibec porcelain line will bring you peace of mind with its subtle yet stark aesthetics. If your living space is too cluttered, you can give away everything and start anew with Modern. Maybe you could even change your name or start wearing one of those sexy fedoras. With a hat to match your floor, people are bound to take you seriously.

Six colors and three sizes are available with the Monocibec Modern collection. You can even mix and match the sizes, if just having one is too conventional for you. Monolithic 24”x24” porcelain tiles are the best choice for open floor plans; the resulting spatial depth will make your fedora look like a thimble. More conventional 18”x18” and elongated 12”x24” tiles are also offered. Grey is one of our favorite colors in the Modern collection due to its hipster ambivalence toward what type of décor it accents best. Dark Grey slightly outdoes its lighter counterpart in terms of the coolness factor, as it is ever so subtly more varied in color. Hints of green against a grey backdrop in the Olive selection create a remarkably unique look that will have all of your friends arguing over what color it actually is. The Black option will give you a bold, stark ambience that further enhances the minimalist aesthetic throughout your home or loft. For those who want to ironically go for a more contemporary look, the White and Beige selections will have your room shining brightly, but be wary of these if you have any exposed film lying around. We wouldn’t want the next Academy Award winner shot on old grainy 8mm to fade from too much sun exposure now, would we?