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Mullican Castillian

Mullican Castillian

Evoking a sense of European sophistication, adopt the elegant beauty of the Mullican Castillian collection capable of infusing instant grace, charm and stately beauty within the home. Showcasing the iconic, ornate wood grain patterns of oak, these engineered hardwoods pull a shabby chic infused beauty for a series with endless character. A timeless choice in flooring, Castillian embraces the raw organic beauty of oak wood bringing the eclectic playfulness of swooping wood graining, character knots and mineral streaks for flooring with a charming uniqueness. Celebrating the highly decorated beauty of hardwood, Castillian brings a blend of earthen beauty into the home creating a cozy retreat welcoming to all.

Serving as a canvas to live your life on, the inherent durability of these hardwoods will ensure flooring that will last for decades. With a timeless airiness, bold 6” wide planks bring modern day sophistication to the home for bold amplified detailing. Nine diverse finishes allow for optimal customization presenting a traditional design style with a hint of contemporary influences. The finish of Oak Glacier reveals a soft, buttery complexion with a raw fawn luster that caters to a minimalist design style. Differing greatly, Oak Espresso pumps up the volume with lively golden wood grain patterns popping from a backdrop of a delicious coffee brown base. The finish of Oak Driftwood adds a seaside infusion with its expressive stone grey luster enhanced with white-washed wood grain details delivering a clean crisp appearance. Echoing a range of worldly beauty, the Castillian series is a versatile choice in flooring with a unique flair.