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Mullican Hillshire

Mullican Hillshire

Run for the hills if you are not going to consider Mullican’s Hillshire engineered hardwood collection as a choice for your flooring needs. Anyone who has an aversion to this elegant cute look should probably go live in the mountains with the other animals. Of course, you would totally consider the Hillshire if you are thinking about a cottage style theme for your home. Can a big home still pull off a little cottage style?

Let’s pick an English cottage style where living room decoration can bring together a pastel palette, flea market finds, floral drapery and plenty of patina in an infused living space. You can match your rusty planked walls with Mullican Hillshire’s Red Oak Natural. This rusty accent can be repeated here and there with antique tin decorations like an olden day watering cans. You don’t even have to use the cans for anything else other than growing plants in them.

In England and in Europe, it is common to have second hand or third hand furniture and fittings from your friends and relatives. This is a great way of acquiring that cottage look without even spending money for it. A collected-over-time mentality applies to the slipcovered sofa, antique rug, and assorted accent tables. Imagine all this sitting atop arrogant looking engineered hardwood flooring like the Mullican Hillshire Oak Bordeaux.

Now, take this cottage inspiration further into your home to your most intimate areas like the bedroom. Cozy is the word you are looking for here together with florals, pastels and cane white-painted bed frames. You would want this look together with a Mullican Hillshire Oak Bridle or Oak Suede. Both would look cottage. The other shades available under the Hillshire collection are the Red Oak Natural, Oak Caramel, Oak Gunstock which is a definite winner for cottage interiors, Oak Saddle another favorite, Hickory Natural, Hickory Saddle, Hickory Winchester, Hickory Natural and the elusively shaded Maple Natural.